Life should never be bland. So pass the hot sauce!

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About Mandy

mandyMy name is Mandy and I have always loved cooking and baking – my earliest memories have me in the kitchen with my grandma learning from her years of experience cooking. I like all kinds of food but spicy foods are one of my favorites!

I always put hot sauce on everything: tacos, chicken, pizza, eggs, Bloody Mary’s. You name it, I like it with hot sauce. Over the years, I started to become a bit of a connoisseur. I figured out what I liked and was frustrated that nothing on the market lived up to my culinary standards. Rather than complaining, or settling for mediocre run of the mill hot sauce, I started making my own. I had no plans to share it (outside of my home, that is) but everyone who tried it loved it.

Once I realized I was onto something, I got myself a spot at the FEED Kitchen (a local share kitchen), and spent over a year perfecting my recipe. All of my ingredients are high quality and I use as many local ingredients as possible. When I say my hot sauce is hand made, I mean it every step of the way. I have enjoyed the long hours and all the steps to watch this dream come to life.

I hope that you enjoy using my hot sauce as much as I enjoy making it.

Always remember, life should never be bland. So pass the hot sauce!